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If you are a parent looking for Intu blinds in Northallerton, it is probable that you are doing so for one good reason – safety. INTU blinds are designed such that they are the safest blinds around. There is no chance of injury from becoming tangled up or caught in their cords, as they don’t have any. Cords can prove to be a hazard to younger children and pets such as cats and dogs, so it is unsurprising that these cord-free blinds are a great choice for young families and pet-owners.

Although Intu blinds are innovative and unique in design, with safety being a major feature, there are other advantages to them. They can be made to fit perfectly into any window in any room. They can even be fitted to glass doors and tilt windows, which are unsuitable for more traditional designs of blinds. Intu blinds can also fit directly into the frame of the window or door, which makes them less obtrusive and provides more option to the design conscious.

Fitting Intu blinds within a window frame not only increases their ability to block out sunlight, but also makes them more efficient at stopping heat from escaping through windows.

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